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Live Feed Second Dress rehearsal second semi final

Join us at ESCKAZ for one of the three dress rehearsals for the second semi final.

Ten Minutes to go people until we start with a run through of the first dress rehearsal for semi fnal 2.

We're now live with a recap of what happened last night.

We're seeing a little short clip now of people heading to the B&W Hallerne which is resulting in an interval act live in the hall.

the hosts now enter the hall. Lisa is wearing a black dress this afternoon, while the boys are wearing suits. They are also announcing Australia as special guest.

The voting is explained, which leaves us with one more thing to do; Listening to the 15 finalists.

Opening the second semi final is.. Malta and the group Firelight.

We're off to the beach where the Maltese representatives are using lights and fireworks on a frame to create their flag, in the first post card of the night.

Brilliant vocals for the indie folk group, and a very effective staging although I'm still not entirely sure about those selfie pictures. Nevertheless, a great opener for the second semi final.

Up next we're at the Dead Sea for Israel's postcard where their representative Mei Finegold's very busy with a bit of string, a star, and blue carpet recreating the Israeli flag.

You can't deny the gorgeous backdrop Mei has been given. It underlines the very impressive stage, but it also highlights Mei's track would fare better had it been given a really big production. Vocally Mei's very strong and really really fierce!

Norwegian's Carl is in his back garden shed recreating the Norwegian flag from a window for his postcard.

Carl is sounding great this afternoon, but once again I'm missing emotions from him. I really hope he gets that right tonight and tomorrow, otherwise I'm a little worried, the message of his song is going to be overlooked. He has a very visual and suitable backdrop, which is highlighted in the very effective staging.

Off to the next country, which is Georgia and it wouldn't be them if their postcard if theirs didn't involve wine of course.

Mariko and The Shin's song has actually grown a lot on me. It's the most original and unique entry of all candidates this year, which means it will be interesting to see how that goes down. Vocally this is actually marvellous. The backdrop for Georgia really works well too with its warm colours and the yellow skydiver. Really warming towards this.

Donatan and Cleo are in the recording studio recreating the Polish flag with the equipment in the room for their postcard.

The Polish are coming back with a bang, and Europe will know it. Lead singer Cleo is fierce!!! She has some fantastic vocals and is flanked by not only three vocalists but also two big breasted Polish ladies. I won't say more. A very energetic performance, though I hope they turn down the backings a little.

With Poland finishing, we're having a little break now in which the the presenters invite us at a first look of the Eurovision book of records for the night. Topic: Most claps in an entry. Find out who won tomorrow evening.

The next entry is now announced; It's Austria! Conchita Wurst is at the Wien Opera House recreating the Austrian flag with white and red dresses for her post card.

Very subtle camera work for Conchita; introducing her personae very slowly. Conchita is surrounding by smouldering fire in the backdrop until Rising Phoenix wings appear behind Conchita in the backdrop. Very effective staging, by an outstanding vocalist.

Lithuania's Vilija is also a fantastic vocalist. She's seen in her postcard photographing people with umbrella's in the colours of the Lithuanian flag.

Very effective staging for the Lithuanian entry, consisting of lots of flashing lights. Vocally Vilija sounds incredible. There seem to be alterations on their outfits, unless these are not the ones they will be wearing tonight and tomorrow.

Unfortunately I didn't see the postcard for Softengine from Finland. I'll be covering this one tonight, when watching the jury coverage.

The performance however is absolutely outstanding. And a big big thumbs up for Softengine's frontman Topi. Lots of eye contact by the lead singer, something which was a bit of a problem in his rehearsals, and its looking a lot better. 'Something Better' is an absolute stadium filler which is most likely to charm the viewers at home too. A certain qualifier in my book.

Ireland are getting involved with kids and balloons for Ireland in their postcard.

Kasey's vocals can't be faulted here. There's also been another slight change in the choreography, which seems to involve less steps for Kasey. It's an improvement for sure, but the background is still too busy and doesn't really give a complete package.

On to Belarus... Teo's postcard consists of ice hockey pucks... Some artists have really gone for very creative ways of making their flags.

This is actually very refreshing from Belarus. No props for a change. Totally loving this. Very effective staging, great vocals and slick moves from Teo.

Next up is superstar Tijna Dapcevic who's making her flag by using powder on classical instruments for the Macedonian flag in her postcard.

Tijana's vocals and background are amazing, but I really don't get the dance routine sequence which just completely ruins the stage presence for me. The audience seem to love it though.

Last up before the break is the happy chap from Switzerland; Sebalter, who's using domino bricks to recreate the flag of his country.

I have fallen a little bit in love with Sebalter in the last week and a half, simply because he just oozes charisma. He glues on the camera with his cheeky smile and those teddy bear eyes. Add to that an ear worm of a song, a whistle, and a golden backdrop, and there's no doubt this is a crowd pleaser which should hopefully go down very very well.

Break time with female host Ilse talking about the official app, and of course, another Eurovision record: It's Johnny Logan from Ireland... who's had the most lip licking in his entry 'What's Another Year'.

No time to lose. We're off to Greece where Freaky Fortune and Riskykidd are using a blue beach towel and white shelves to recreate the Greek flag in their postcard.

The crowd absolutely LOVE Greece. Vocals a little shaky at first, but those are easily been rectified once the chorus kicks in. The Freaky's and Risky are having loads of fun, which is undoubtedly fuelled by the audience's reaction. Great, great, great energy!

The penultimate artist to grace the show in this semi final isTinkara from Slovenia, who's in the library recreating her postcard with books.

The fairy tale backdrop for Slovenia is another higlight of this semi if I'm being honest. Best vocal performance I've heard from Tinkara, out of all her rehearsals. The crowd are absolutely loving this too.

So all that's left is Romania to close this rehearsal. Looks like there are some technical difficulties with the postcard and the start of the performance, which takes about five minutes to sort out.

And we're back. Paula and Ovi are out camping to create the Romanian flag. They do so by using fire works. The picture taken, is the shadow of the Romanian colours reflecting in the water of the lake.

Have to say, Romania is a great closer for this semi. Easily the best performance we've seen for Ovi and Paula so far, which is due to the great vocals and also the amazing backdrop these guys have been given. The crowd are going crazy over their performance.

And that's it... All the semi finalists have performed.

The hosts are about to announce the moment when the voting will kick off tomorrow.

Oh we lost the sound for a minute. It is back now. Lise is now announcing the Australian interval act, which is accompanied by a little video.

We get a tongue in cheek interval clip now about Australia wanting to take part in Eurovision this year. Oh dear that Australian intro interval is uber-camp, luckily Australian superstar Jessica Mauboy comes as saviour of the day by singing her 'Eurovision Entry'. It really is a fantastic song... Very uplifting... I think we should be lucky/slightly dissapointed Australia aren't taking part for real!! The crowd are loving it! Why is there a spaceman hanging down the ceiling ready to plant an Australian flag ?

we have another recap now with all the contestants.

The hosts are now introducing a big collection of videos submitted by fans showing their dance moves, as a second interval act. A great buzz and variety of dancers of all ages also appear on stage. A much much better interval act than shown in the first semi. Supported by the track Destination Unknown and kids dancing on the stage.

The voting lines are now closed. Lise is in the green room talking to some the artists.

Another look at the Eurovision book of records; the longest note now.

We are now heading down to having a look at the already qualified finalists and get a preview.

The qualifiers in this fake voting this afternoon are: Ireland, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Austria, Romania, Norway, Lithuania, Malta, Poland and last but no least Finland.

And that is a wrap up. The new finalists are being joined on stage while the viewers watch a recap of those qualifiers