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From Lithuania to Belarus

Andy on Tue, 05/13/2008 - 16:13

Lithuania - we've missed it unfortunately, but it should not be that different from national final one, Jeronimus is accompanied on stage by moon. Press-conference was mostly devoted to underlining that Lithuania has heavy metal singer this year. I'm extremely happy to have a good young heavy metal vocalist in Lithuania and track Vampire Woman by band Soul Stealer is highly recomended.

Albania - from what we've seen - it is very static on stage, Olta in front of stage accompanied by her band at background.

Switzerland is absolutely the same. It is awfully static and goes nowhere.

Автор Ukraine-Belarus

Czech Republic - the gimmick here is in DJ boot in form of heart. Again a lot of unnecessary movemement on stage.

Belarus - so far I'm dissapointed. This is typically Greek choreography with 5 "stones" on stage, with all team dancing around and on them. Vocally it is perfect though.