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Just a brief look at the current bookmakers list for the semi finals.

Hey guys,

I know I know, I should be in bed really... Big day tomorrow.... but what do you do when you can't sleep? You have a cuppa and jot some thoughts down.

So I thought... why not have a look at the Eurovision odds as they currently stand, just before they change completely after the first rehearsals tomorrow:

Based on oddschecker.com, the current ranking result has the following outcome for Semi 1:

1. Armenia
2. Sweden
3. Ukraine
4. Hungary
5. Azerbaijan
6. Belgium
7. Russia
8. Estonia
9. Montenegro
10. The Netherlands
11. Albania
12. Latvia
13. San Marino
14. Iceland
15. Moldova
16. Portugal

The outcome would mean good news for Montenegro, who's in for a first time final qualification, and also Belgium and the Netherlands who could both qualify for the second year in a row. Less good news for Portugal and 3-fold participant Valentina from San Marino who are yet to impress with their entries. Moldova, who've had a great track record since they first appeared at Eurovision in 2005, seem to be in the danger zone this year, according to the bookies.

Even though we aren't seeing any participants from semi final until Tuesday, I thought it was a good idea to publish the pre-rehearsal qualificaton list for semi final 2 already too, which looks like this at the moment:

1. Norway
2. Romania
3. Austria
4. Greece
5. Israel
6. Malta
7. Finland
8. Ireland
9. Poland
10. Switzerland
11. Slovenia
12. Belarus
13. Lithuania
14. FYR Macedonia
15. Georgia

Now, Semi final 2 is again much more difficult, because it's a semi final with almost every up tempo song chosen this year. It makes sense for the two ballads, Norway and Austria, to be among the ten qualifiers, although I'm not sure Norway would be in a position of winning the semi. The crown of winning semi's has belonged to Greece in recent years and I expect it to stay that way. Personally I think we'll see more drastic changes in this semi, than the other one. I'm expecting to be surprised.

Now, if we look at the schedule for tomorrow's rehearsals, the current outcome indicates we should see seven out of ten qualifiers from semi 1. Who'll be able to confirm its status as qualifier and who slips on the ice. Find out tomorrow for the first rehearsals, which ESCKAZ and myself will be blogging about.

Check back tomorrow.


DimiSpice x