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Ireland just started its second rehearsal

Ireland didn't have the best of runs during their first rehearsals earlier in the week. Did they manage to turn it around?

Sound wise they have. Kasey and her backing vocals sound so much better than they did in their first rehearsals.

I guess the main problem Ireland is facing this year is really their backdrop and the whole staging of 'Heartbeat'. It needs a bit more of a gentle approach in styling. The Celtic symbols, the yellow background, Kasey's dress, it's all too full on, and it just doesn't come along together nicely.

Ireland's unlucky there, sadly.

However they are able to switch it around when the second backdrop kicks in; ( the sea waves). If Ireland were to use that particular backdrop for most of the song, including the windmachine and perhaps matched Kasey's dress with something a little more in style with her backings and dancers, the staging would be a lot better.

As for the song, it's a very solid pop song, which deserves to do well. I'm just not sure whether it can fully deliver in the presentation it's currently been shown.