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How did Ukraine's first rehearsal go?

21 year old Mariya Yaremchuk is representing Ukraine with her uptempo pop song 'Tick Tock'. She's the penultimate artist to take the stage today. Here's the run through.

Forget what you know about Ukraine's concept, the staging for Copenhagen is completely different from what Mariya introduced so far.

Accompanied by just one singer, Mariya has brought a wooden running wheel along, in which her beau is jumping, sprinting, falling and god knows what else he can do.

Mariya on the other hand is singing her song, as confident and impressive as always. For the chorus she's going to the running wheel. Just before the bridge she's however lifted onto the hamster wheel for the final part.

In terms of show staging this is probably the most simplistic one we've had from Ukraine in a very long time. I have a slight feeling we haven't seen anything yet so far. Ukraine simply don't do simplistic at Eurovision.

The second run was postponed for a good ten minutes as the camera man went a little bonkers after zooming in on Mariya and her dancer. I don't think that was meant to happen.

After a delay of ten minutes, Mariya and her dancer have another go. The act looks a little bit better, although it's still a bit of a mess at the moment. The whole concept hasn't really fallen in place. I did notice that the hamster wheel is now also featured in the backdrop, where its silhouette's portrayed in gold. It's part of a backdrop which also features clock wire.

After the bridge however, we're going a bit dr Who wise, because the backdrop transforms in a blue and purple cosmic space, as if we're flying through time.

With Mariya, the wind machine has also appeared on stage, so there's a lot of dress and hair flying around. After three run throughs the basics seem to be pretty ok. I am sure there is more to come.