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How did Sweden's first rehearsal go?

After a well deserved lunch break (No food selfies though), Sanna Nielsen undoes her sad on the big Eurovision stage for the very first time. Sanna is another hot favourite to lift the trophy on May 10. Let's run you through her first rehearsal.

Based on the first run through SVT has stayed very close to Sanna's performance in Melodifestivalen. The light bundles in the introduction have been given a slight twist. They're more bendy, almost spirally in the introduction. The first minute of the performance consists mainly of close ups from different angles on Sanna's face. Half way through the Melodifestivalen light bundles appear back in their original form.

In the second run through however; there seems a slight difference with the arrangement. The backing vocals add a little bit more to it in the build up to the chorus. it sounds pretty amazing actually. Fans will be pleased to know that there are no backing vocals on stage.

the backdrop for Sanna is quite dark, with portrays of glass shaped diamonds throughout. The framework of of the screens right behind the performers however has been given a golden dotted surrounding, which almost depicts sunlight coming through the darkness. In the second run through they've changed the backdrop from the second chorus onwards going for purple water bubbles flowing to the top of the screens. I'm glad they did, it makes it look less dark. However during run through three, SVT have gone back to the original staging as performed in Stockholm, and I have to say that that's the one that leaves most impact.

It's an adequate, professionally done rehearsal from Sweden, but at this stage it leaves me lukewarm.