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How did the Netherlands' first rehearsal go?

Hey guys,

We've had three acts so far, with much more to come. Kicking the afternoon rehearsals off are Dutch superstars Waylon and Ilse Delange, who decided to give Eurovision a go as 'The Common Linnets'. They've had their first rehearsal today. Here's the run through.

A perfect first run through for the Netherlands. The camera starts above the duo and zooms in to Ilse and Waylon who are faced in front of each other for the full song. The camera circles around the two, although the pair have been joined by a contrabass player, a guitarist and drummer.
The stage floor has been transformed in a concrete road with signs onto until somewhere mid way the song when thorns and tree trunks take over and intertwine on the stage floor. During the second run through I noticed towards the end how the stage flooring turns really white grey'ish and how it's very overpowering. Perhaps they should tone it down a little.

Overall however, it's really effective staging for a non-typical Eurovision song.

The camera work is cleverly done as well, with a few moments where there's eye contact with the camera and let me tell you, Waylon's deep eyes are going to captivate you.

Vocally, Ilse and Waylon are top notch. Didn't expect anything different from them in all honesty.

Their second run through is exaclty the same. Its very difficult to spot any mistake in their performance. I'm personally hoping they Netherlands plan to keep the contrast of outfits for the pair. Ilse is currently wearing a white top and black trousers, while Waylon is dressed completely in black.

I am really really intrigued to find out how the Netherlands will fare this year. Let's hope that qualification is on the cards for a second year in a row.