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How did Malta's first rehearsal go?

Malta have won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest late last year. Can Firelight, bring the big contest to the tiny island as well for the first time in the space of a year? Find out how Firelight got on with their first rehearsal.

The gents and lady from Malta, have gone for a very summery feel for their entry. And it doesn't really come as a surprise.

On the other hand, 'Coming Home' lends itself for an array of different backdrops, but with the weather being so nice here as well, I'm glad they've opted for that summer feel, emphasizing on the positivity of their song.

The backdrop for Malta is clear blue sky with a field of ready to harvest grain and flowers. the field's also visible on the floor which gives the impression the band are actually in the field. As for set up it's a very standard one, the band are all lined up, playing their instruments. Vocally they sound great, with just a few minor off key moments as far as I could detect.

As Firelight mentioned already a few weeks back, they were going to include images from a Facebook selfies competition on the stage. At the moment I'm not entirely sure why, because it's in stark contrast with the current back drop and it doesn't really bring anything to the table at the minute.

The reception for Malta's rehearsal has however been met with the biggest applause in the press center so far. I have a feeling they are certainly going to kick off semi final 2 with great enthusiasm and feel good factor. If Malta were able to give the pictures a more fitting feel within their performance, I don't see why this could go on and do really well in Eurovision.