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How did Lithuania's first rehearsal go?

A very very very long national selection process in which both singer and song were chosen seperately; Vilija Matačiūnaitė ended up being the winner in Lithuania with the sole track she had written herself 'Attention'. Here's how she fared with her first rehearsal.

Not much is changing for Vilija and her team if you compare her national final performance with her first rehearsal here in B&W Hallerne, Copenhagen.

The singer's performing the same dance routine in her black tutu, with her dancer while she's singing 'Attention'.
I did notice however that during the first run through Vilija voice doesn't come through well, sound wise. That microphone really needs to be turned up. Let's hope they are able to adjust that.

Despite the stage being huge, the original dance routine allows Vilija and her partner to fill up the stage impressively well. There's a good use of space which is partly filled up with three backing vocals joining the stage at a later point in the song. Their not taking part in the routine by the way.

The backdrop is pretty simple, with blue and silver being the main colours. From the second verse onwards there's also quite a lot of use of green neon lights in different shapes. Borders of the stage are lit up in the colour. There's green laser beams throughout. During the second run through, this has been changed, the neon green has been replaced with a light blue/green'ish colour, while the laser beams are not being used any more at all.

Towards the end of the song, clouds of steam are also pushed out of the round shaped pilars in the water, surrounding the stage.

There's still a little bit of work to do, especially on the technical level and routine wise, but not a bad start for Lithuania.