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How did Latvia's first rehearsal go?

Hey guys,

I know it's only early morning but who's fancies cake? I knew you would. So do I actually. Well good news, because Latvian participants Aarzemnieki just had their first rehearsal.

Well let me cut the bad news first. There's no cake on stage, but instead Latvia are giving us a bit of a garden party by night in the B&W Hallerne.

Aarzemnieki frontman Jöran Steinhauer is joined by his fellow guitarist from one of the front podia to kick off Cake to Bake while walking to the main stage where the other two members are present already. All that before they kick off the chorus.

Again I have to say the backdrop is looking mighty impressive; Golden fireflies in trees, with little yellow lanterns in a night sky. It looks amazing really and suits Cake to Bake pretty well. I've always had it down as a camp fire song and Latvia are clearly going for that approach this year.

The trouble these guys are going to face is, perhaps the fact that it will go a little too unnoticed at this stage. I don't really see much chemistry between the foursome and I really do think it would increase the performance it they were perhaps standing closer to each other and really recreated that 'camp fire' feeling.

I can't fault Aarzemnieki's vocals, they sound good but there's not a lot of enthusiasm going on (perhaps its the travelling). I reckon if they work on that, they could have a long shot at the final.

Again, not a bad first rehearsal but there's clearly some work to be done.