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How did Denmark's first rehearsal go?

Basim gets to defend his nation next week during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on home turf. How did his first rehearsal go?

Basim has entered the arena and he kicks his Cliche Love song off in a bit of a Bruno Mars kinda way.

All stylish, in his black suit with white shirt, the singer is surrounded by 5 other backing vocalist (4 guys and 1 girl) who are also wearing a similar suit. They're busting some slick moves, while the backdrop for Denmark is mainly gold.

Basim is getting great camera work. Mainly focussed on the singer, there's a lot of interaction going on with his backings who take on the role of dancers too. As for rehearsals concerned, Basim's backing dancers have the slickest moves I've seen so far in rehearsal. The act does what it says on the tin.

Camera wise, I'm not entirely sure about the long shots, which show the huge stage. Even with the maximum amount of people on stage,the long view angle swallows the people on it, make it look empty. Not really what you want with a song like Basim's.

Vocally. first time round didn't really sound great for Basim, which is more than okay, he's just getting round to getting to know the stage. Second run through, he's much more at ease which is shown in his movements and also his singing.

A very decent first rehearsal for the young musician who's considered one of the favourites to keep the Eurovision trophy in Denmark.