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How did Azerbaijan's first rehearsal go?

Azerbaijan have a great track record at Eurovision so far, providing some great staging. Let's have a look at what surprises they have in store for us this year.

I'm absolutely blown away by Dilara's first rehearsal. it took a little while before we actually saw the stage performance but hearing Dilara warming up was just breath taking. The girl simply can not be faulted on her vocals. She sounds top notch.

For those thinking Azerbaijan is done with Eurovision think again. I can not imagine a country with anymore interest at Eurovision putting so much effort in their entries.

'Start A Fire' is the best Azerbaijani entry we've had so far and its treated with that status. The camera zooms in to Dilara from the back, while she walks to the front of the stage. She passes a trapeze artist by who's lifted in the air and does her thing.

I don't really like the use of props like this, because they tend to be over used, but not with Azerbaijan this year. The trapeze artist is very subtle. For the first time today I actually feel that the artist here has taken control over what's happening on stage. The focus is on Dilara and even though the trapeze artists is there and she's been given a gorgeous church window and sand-coloured skyline, it's all about Dilara and Start The fire.

I reckon this will be another sure fire qualifier and a possible top five final for Azerbaijan.