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How did Austria's first rehearsal go?

Austria's representative is without a doubt the most talked about artist of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Will Conchita dazzle as much in the news with her first rehearsal, as she has done with her appearance? Find out what her first rehearsal was like.

When I spoke to Conchita back in London a few weeks ago, and asked her what her Eurovision performance was like, she was adament she didn't want any feathers or big props. She wanted a stylish and simple production which lay in the style of Shirley Bassey.

Let me tell you, I was a little sceptic at first about this, but after the first run through for Rise Like A Phoenix Conchita kept her promise. Her performance is very stylish.

The first 25 seconds of her song the arena is pitch dark with just the platform on which Conchita is standing lighted up. The backdrop starts off with a gentle golden colour until it turns into a smouldering fire and golden fireflies when it hits the chorus. while the lights gently turn on in the hall. Conchita is currently wearing a long black and glittery dress, which is not her final outfit (the actual outfit was introduced yesterday in an Austrian news paper). There are light beams surrounding her little stage. Vocally she's absolutely spot on.

Once the second chorus kicks in fully, a full on golden backdrop is revealed on which the wings of a phoenix are portrayed touching her shoulders, making out Conchita is in fact a phoenix.

The golden colour and the performance are very Shirley Bassey, and James Bond, which is exactly what I was hoping she'd aim for. Having seen the performance now, I'm quite certain Conchita's beard appearance won't be overpowering that a ticket to the grand final will be jeopardized in such a way.

Conchita did a perfect run through for her first rehearsal, and there is literally nothing that can be faulted on so far.