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Hey Copenhagen!

Hey guys,

24 hours, which most of them have been spend sleeping, have passed since I arrived in the 2014 Eurovision host city Copenhagen, making me officially a member of the ESCKAZ.com team. Let's have a big big cheer! Everyone I've met everyone from the team seem to be lots of fun, enthusiastic and passionate about Eurovision. Which means we should be off to a fantastic fortnight.

Today was already a massive game changer for me personally. I was about to head to the venue for the first time. Explore the area and officially get my first ever ever press accreditation badge AND a press pack. GASP! Me, Moi, ME!!! Asked me about 5 months ago, and I my innocent sharpey dog face, would have been replaced with a 'Stop making fun of me' expression. Anyway it's a nice touch. The press pack this year consists of a shoulder bag, which has the slogan of this year's Eurovision on, a Eurovision pen, a media handbook and the official programme.

From Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Copenhagen

But hey, we're here, we have hot weather and we are absolutely ready for Eurovision! Something which doesn't quite seem to be ready is the venue itself. As expected, Eurovision island is currently not as Eurovision-looking as you might expect.

From Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Copenhagen

Apart from a banner here and there, indicating the designed area mainly to delivery men andpress, the general atmosphere is still that of a former shipyard, leaving a lot of work to do. Perhaps intentionally, I don't know. I have a feeling that the Danes don't want to give too much away just yet. It will be interesting to see if there's still any drastic changes to be done in the next few weeks.

From Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Copenhagen

Despite its look, the B&W Hallerne is however an impressive building. It quite literally looks like it raises from the Eurovision island, especially when you see it from a distance. A lot of ink has flown regarding the appearance of the exterior but I have a slight feeling, that the building will be embraced by artificial lightning or something in that style, on the three live show nights, which will make it look amazing. All speculation of course. More to follow on that for sure!

While the venue is still hastily being worked on, it was fascinating to be able to go inside the white marquees at the back of the venue and have a browse at what is going to be my home, and that of literally hundreds of other journalists, for the next few weeks. As with the actual hall, it's not the outlook what matters, but the inside that counts, so the best way to get that feeling is by experiencing a guided tour through the press area by Mike and Daniel from ESCKAZ, who give you a great insight in the press area. And not to miss, it's also your chance to see how excited I am about Eurovision. (INTERVIEW ALERT!!).

So that's about it for today. Tomorrow the real work starts with the first on screen rehearsals from semi finalist Armenia, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Iceland, Albania, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Belgium. Rehearsals start from 10.00am CET.

Hope you're willing to join me then too. ;-)