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Hello from Belgrade

Andy on Sun, 05/11/2008 - 07:09

First of all I have to admit that you should not expect comprehensive coverage from English site of the blog, as, unfortunately, from 7 correspondents on field we're going to have, only myself is able to write in English. So, it will be sort of best of, and if you understand Russian, you're welcome on Russian part of the blog.

First part of ESCKaz arrived pretty well. Moscow flight included with us Marija Serifovic, who was returning from concert in small Russian town of Cherepovtsy. In airport we managed to meet OGAE Rest of the World president Roy and San-Marinese band Miodio on their way from Milan and you can see the latter ones here.

In press-center we met Miroslav, Sasa and other OGAE Serbia members as well as Umut and Giannis. Again thanks to Miroslav for making my visa possible. Thanks also to delegations of Moldova, Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine for providing our team with accreditations.

Then we had a short city trip, as probably we won't have much of free time during this week. We walked around some shopping streets, I've bought number of metal CDs - and highly recommend Alogia and Expedition:Delta for you. Quite unexpectedly we've met Leontina Vukomanovic, famous Serbian composer and lyricist, including Lane Moje.

and more pictures of trip around the city with our hosts Aleksandar and Nemanja