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Dilara 1st rehearsal press-release

Andy on Mon, 04/28/2014 - 15:05

Today Dilara Kazimova, Azerbaijan’s entry for Eurovision 2014, has revealed her stage performance of a soulful ballad Start a Fire.

On the stage Dilara is working with an aerial artist and three backing vocalists on the background. The female aerial artist is acting on 8-meter-high acrobatic trapeze.

Previously Eurovision entries haven't used to work with aerial acts. So it was a challenge for creative team to find the perfect solutions for cameras and rigging. Instead of usual rigging on two points, this trapeze is rigged to one point on stage roof, so it spins 360 degrees all the time.

“Start a Fire” performance is staged by Asa Engman, Swedish director and dancer, in cooperation with Polish-Japanese choreographer Piotr Torazawa Giro.

The aerial artist doesn’t have one same pattern of movements that are repeated with melody. So as with each new rehearsal and performances it will look slightly different.

"During the first rehearsal I would be more worried about the trapeze artists safety rather than for anything else. At some point she’s getting really high up the celling, which is impressive and kind of scary the same time", shares Dilara.

According to the stage director’s idea the aerial artist stands for an imaginary “point of view” from which you can find a new meaning in ordinary life scenes” or, in another way, can also represent “the spiritual concept of a soul.”

“The lyrics of Start a Fire remind a poem or a very personal prayer. The song is not usual and we wanted to create an unusual performance for it. Hopefully we succeed", says Dilara.