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Azerbaijan: Second rehearsal

During their very first rehearsal, Dilara from Azerbaijan impressed me very much with her simple but elegant performance. Did she manage to do the same thing during her second rehearsal, today?

More or less. Somehow Dilara's vocals don't sound as amazing as they did, a few days back but does she look the picture.

She's wearing this lovely bordeaux red gown, which looks stunning on her. Her trapeze artist is wearing something similar to her.

There hasn't been much change into the Azerbaijani act, and I'm pretty pleased with that. The backdrop for the first part of the chorus consists of a blue background with the shadows of huge Gothic windows, which gives the impression Dilara and her trapeze artist is in a giant dance hall, all by herself. I'm not sure whether they've added the skyline in. Visually this is very stylish and simple.

You gotta hand it to Azerbaijan. They know how to sell their Eurovision entries. I reckon Dilara is going to be do an awful lot better than polls have suggested.

Seeing the performance now, for a third time, I really don't think Azerbaijan needs the trapeze artists. 'Start A Fire' is a very professional track, which could work even better when its just been sung by its singer.

Without a doubt, a sure fire qualifier.