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Azerbaijan Farid 1st rehearsal

Andy on Wed, 05/08/2013 - 11:12

That required some explanations from Azerbaijani delegation, so I'm rather quoting them: "Farid is accompanied on stage by two dancers. The male dancer performs acrobatics in a transparent glass box that serves as a podium for Farid in the first part of the song. The girl appears later playing the role of a mysterious symbol of Farid's emotional dramaЭ

“The glass box symbolizes the logic in our lives. But, inside logic there’s a whole another world, full of passion, emotions, and love. When you’re in love, sometimes you may find your life and soul upside down,” comments Fokas Evaggelinos on the creative idea.

The dancer inside the box stands for the shadow of hero’s (Farid’s) soul. He would stay within the logic of his normal life, if it wasn't the girl who brought passion of love and created a storm in it. It was quite a challenge for Farid's team to accomplish production of necessary props. The glass box had to be all in one: crystal clear and transparent, firm and solid from the inside, and then strong and stable enough to keep the artist and the dancer safe (press-release ends)

Well to me it looked like a bit of switching of the focus from Farid to the dancer. But apparently he will be totally in the black with his face hidden and will be a full shade of Farid. The dancer seems to be Russian, don't know yet the origin of a girl, who seemingly have borrowed her red dress from Valentina. Three Swedish backing vocalists - Fernando, Alvaro and Jenny are hidden behind the stage.