Andy on Sun, 12/02/2012 - 01:28

Some of the contestants had a good fun at the after party. Press was not allowed to it so unfortunately we can't publish the materials from it, but we've chatted around the hall with some participants and delegations.

It seems the contest 2013 is really hanging in the air, as both delegation and participants of Azerbaijan were extremely upset. Delegation is likely to reconsider the idea of hosting the event. Another hugely disappointed country is delegation of Albania. Singers from Albania and Azerbaijan have not attended afterparty, while representatives of the delegation told us it was probably their first and the last JESC. New coordinator of the contest will face tough task to keep two countries in the competition or finding new alternatives to reach the minimum possible number of 12 again.

We've seen happy delegation of Armenia and rather satisfied delegation of Russia. Young winner from Ukraine has immediately went to her floor after the arrival and has been resting there with her team, however appeared in the dance room later in the night. In total, very few singers have turned for the party, excemptions being always smiling Denis Midone from Moldova and Funkids from Georgia, charming Lerika and part of Israeli band, who though weren't sharing the emotions.

Once again, we would like to thank all delegations for their cooperation, as well as teams of AVRO and EBU, and wish them good luck in the future contests.