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Contest entry:

Song "Kolybelnaya vulkanu" (Lullaby for volcano)
Performer Philip Kirkorov
Composer Ilya Bershadskiy
Lyricist Ilya Reznik
Conductor Mikhail Finberg
Place 17 place (17 points), performed on 6th position
Votes for Russia Norway (10), Croatia (6), Cyprus (1).
Votes of Russian Jury UK 1, Hungary 2, Iceland 3, Cyprus 4, Ireland 5, Sweden 6, Slovenia 7, Israel 8, Denmark 10, Norway 12

ESCKaz rank:

Song rank Rather poor but very pathetic song that is difficult to remember.  6/10
Preview video rank Simple but effective, showing Philip in pink shirt in all positions 8/10
Live performance rank Besides mixing up some lyrics of the song, Philip had awful costume. More - at the rehearsal lights were set for the one type of the concert costume, but Philip suddenly changed his decision and performed in another one during the final, which resulted in poor picture quality. 6/10

National preselection:

Organizers remembered about their participation in the contest when less than one month was left. In such a time conditions it was quickly decided to send to the contest some star that could also finance his participation and participation of Russian delegation - and obvious choice was Philip Kirkorov, who was told that he is participating with about 2 weeks left before the Euroweek. In a big hurry choice for the song was started - Philip managed to find in his archives 2 songs which were not issued yet and which were fitting to the format of the contest - "Karnaval" and "Kolybelnaya vulkanu".

Singer Olga Dzusova comments:
"All contenders were invited to the special meeting, even some sort of Jury was present there, we had performed for them, they have filmed this performances, and shown them at ORT channel, and this broadcast was followed by video of Philip. But that was not the real thing. Then, as it was discovered later, there was some paper from organizers of Eurovision, where they recommended to send one of three candidates - Oksana Pavlovskaya, Viktoria Vitova or Olga Dzusova. This paper was thrown out. Kirkorov went to the contest. "

As it appeared, the song "Kolybelnaya vulkanu" was not original creation. It has been recorded and released by Moldovan singer Anastasia Lazariuc in 1985 in Moldavian language under the title "Buna seara stelelor". On the vinyl (Melodiya C60-21543-008) the composer of the song, Ilya Bershadskiy (head of the first music band of Philip Kirkorov, presently living in Israel) is properly mentioned along with Moldavian lyricist Ghenadie Voda.

"I first met Philip at the recording of the show "Shire Krug" for Soviet TV, and I was the first bringing at that time unknown singer to Moldova for a series of concerts. He even took my signature at that time", singer Anastasia Lazariuc, for the last 14 years living in Romania, told in one of her latest interviews. There were even rumours that Philip has been performing backing-vocals for her, but singer has denied it.

Preparation and participation in the contest:

Andrei Kosinski speaks:
"Everything was done with a mark "urgent". Bustle, mess, about tomorrow contest will start. This year ORT was in charge of the contest, and they didn't run any kind of preselection and simply send our "star" Kirkorov. They had to send someone anyway. 
Alla and Philip were suggesting to me to make orchestra arrangement for "Vulcan" and to go to the contest as conductor. But I rejected. May be I showed lack of spirit or got afraid. Now I think that I should have agreed and went to the contest to conduct real big orchestra. A bit later I changed my mind but that was too late, unfortunately "...eeeh! We have already agreed with Finberg" I heard by telephone.. "

And small anecdote from Dublin told by Ilya Reznik, lyricist:
Some years ago, we with Pugachova and Kirkorov were at Dublin, where Filya, as everyone remember, owned "respectful" 17th place. After performances there was great party at some elite mansion. All 3 of us came there: Alla in red dress, Philip - high, black and in black costume, and I - in white costume. Very bright spectacle. And majordomo opening huge door for us broke into smile: "O-o-o, Turkish delegation!"

Philip Kirkorov:
When we were sent there we didn't have 3 months for preparation, as is given now... I was sent just 10 days before Eurovision, I was just told: "You go there and that's it.". I didn't have suitable song, I had nothing... and even with that... that was not shameful... the other question, yes, song possibly was not interesting, and it is song contest...

At press conference of Kirkorov where Alla Pugachova was present too, she promised that if Philip will not win, next time she herself will come to this contest as participant, and she will teach everyone how to sing...

Alla Pugacheva: - There is nothing bad in what had happened. May be it can be considered as failure when your aim at the contest is to achieve the specific place. But for Philip the failure is any place, even second. You should know Philip. We went there knowing that we have no chance. It is strange we were at all allowed to perform. I myself won't go there in such a situation. But Philip has different character. He says: "I want to stand on this scene, I don't care what will be there, I just want to try it if I have chance". An the chance was that we had to do everything in one week time. This is impossible. Sometimes it happens in the life, but I never thought I'd meet such a deadlines in the preparation for the contest. And I was thinking that... some years ago, when this girl... Youdiph? went there it was differently. I was thinking there are same people from "Programma A" in charge of that. I never knew there is separation, that one year it is their turn and next year - others. It was shame. Big shame in organization first of all. This was big shame for the country. And I think that it was Philips performance which saved this really poor song not to finish very last. Because everything done in preparation was very bad. I will not mention all the details, but this organizers, they know what I mean, their organization was shame for the whole country, and even I couldn't save that...

Biography of the performer:

Philip was born in the artistic family of Bulgarian singer Bedros Kirkorov and Russian girl Victoria. Philip started singing career being 18 years old. In 1985 he first appeared on TV in "Shire Krug" show, where Philip performed song in Bulgarian language. In 1987 he was invited to cooperate with "Leningrad music-hall" lead by Ilya Rahlin and immediately went on tour to Berlin with a show of some German theater. In 1988 he graduates with honoured diploma from Gnesin academy. First performance at the song contest happened same year in Yalta. In April Ilya Reznik held his anniversary show in Rossiya hall and there Philip Kirkorov meets his future wife Alla Pugachova.
Year 1989 appeared to be decisive in career of the singer, he supports Alla on her tour in Australia and Germany and conducts first solo tour to Perm, Russia. In 1990 he starts active solo singing career. He wins contest "Shlager-90" with song "Nebo i zemlya".
Each one of his songs becomes new hit. His video for the "Atlantida" song was awarded best video of 1992. Albom "Ty, ty, ty" is the highest selling album breaking all Russian records. During one year Philip helds 20 sold out concerts in Big concert hall with 4000 viewers each. He stages two show concert programs, "Nebo i zemlya" is followed by "Atlantida" awarded best show of the year. He goes on tour to USA, Canada, Germany and Israel.
In 1993 Philip is awarded "Ovaciya" award as "Best singer of the year", gots prize of the international contest "Zolotoy Orphey", and issues 2 super hit singles "Ty skazhi, skazhi mne, vishnya" and "Marina".
Year 1995. Philip wins award as "Best concert program" and "Best singer of the year". Double CD "Skazhi solntsu "Da!" is issued in the end of the year and reaches platinum status soon. New show program is presented "The Best, Most loved ones, specially for you".
1996 brings to Philip Golden Award at annual "World music award" in Monte-Carlo for record selling album (2 million copies) and for the most visited show.
On 30th of April 1997 Philip turns 30 and he decides to mark his anniversary with world show-super-tour. After Russia show wents to USA and is presented at Madison Square Garden.
In August 1998 Philip opens festival Golden Orphey in Bulgaria with solo concert and is presented special award for promoting of Bulgarian music in Russia and abroad. From 30th of October to 30th of November each day holds sold out concerts in Saint-Peterburg, for this marathon record Philip is marked in Guinnes Book of Records. Same year he gots another World Music Award in Monte Carlo for the CDs sold in Russia in 1998.
i6.jpg (1762 bytes)During last years popularity of Philip remains hot thanks to master PR steps - this is participation and invitation to Russia of best world musicals, and performance of different cover versions of world hits (including about 10 Eurovision songs) and producing of the young singers like Anastasia Stotskaya, and staging of different scandals with mass-media and duets with different European singers (including Sakis Rouvas) and official retirements and triumphant comebacks. So even considering the fact that during last 5 years Philip has not issued own hit compared to his success in the end of 90th, his name is not leaving newspapers and his performances regulary appear on TV Screens.

Song lyrics and translation:

"Kolybelnaya vulkany"

Spyat doliny tihim snom,
Spyat ryabiny nad prudom,
I dozhdi, i vetra
Pritailis' do utra.

Spit velikiy okean,
Tol'ko ty odin, vulkan,
Ognegrivyy starik,
Ne umolknesh' ni na mig.

Vslushaysya doverchivo
V golos chelovecheskiy.
Obratis', pozhaluysta,
K razumu i k radosti.

Navsegda zabud', vulkan,
Chem grozil bylym vekam,
Ty tiranit' mir ustan',
I goroy zelenoy stan'.

Ty navek zabud', vulkan,
Chem grozil bylym vekam,
Obratis', pozhaluysta,
K razumu i k radosti.

Spi, ugryumyy velikan,
Spi, nedremlyuschiy vulkan,
Otrekis' ot voyny,
Mira day i tishiny.

Mira yunym i sedym,
Mira greshnym i svyatym,
Mira zhizni zemnoy,
Mira nebu nad toboy.

Ty navek zabud', vulkan,
Chem grozil bylym vekam,
Obratis', pozhaluysta,
K razumu i k radosti.


Obratis', pozhaluysta,
K razumu i k radosti.
"Lullaby for the volcano" literal translation

Valleys are calmly sleeping
Rowan trees are sleeping near the pond
And rains, and winds
All have hid till the morning.

Great Ocean is sleeping,
Only you, volcano, alone,
Long fire maned old man,
Can not lapse into silence even for a moment.

Listen trustfully
To the voice of humanity
Please, turn
To the sense and joy.

Forget forever, volcano,
How you threatened past centuries
Become tired of tyrranizing the world
And turn to green mountain.

Sleep gloomy giant
Sleep unwinking volcano,
Renounce the war
Give us peace and silence.

Peace to the young and grayhaired
Peace to sinful and saint
Peace to the life on the Earth
Peace to the sky above you.

Forget forever, volcano,
How you threatened past centuries
Become tired of tyrranizing the world
And turn to green mountain.


Official releases and versions of contest entry:

"Kolybelnaya vulkanu" 2:58 - album "Skazhi solntsu: "Da!" - official sample

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It is interesting to know that after his participation in Eurovision contest Philip regulary perform covers on the Eurovision final and preselection entries. Most known are:

Diva ("Diva" - Dana International)
Ya za tebya umru ("Die For You" - Antique)
Lish by ty menya zhdala ("Go" - Scott Fitzgerald)
Alilluya ("Reise Nach Jerusalem" - Surpriz)
Alenkiy tsvetochek ("Kan" - Duet Datz)
Day ognya detka ("Adrenalin" - DJ Mendez, Swedish preselection)
Vlyublennaya dusha ("Let Your Spirit Fly" - Jan & Pernilla)
Taina ("Dreamin" - Eddy Friel)
Maria Magdalena ("Maria Magdalena" - Doris Dragovic)
Ya Etu Zhizn Tebe Otdam ("Light In Our Soul" - Helena Paparizou, Greek preselection)

Also Philip recorded duets with Eurovision participants Anzhelika Agurbash, Sakis Rouvas and Alsou, took part in Eurovision contests as co-producer of Olexandr Ponomariov (Ukraine 2003), Angelika Agurbash (Belarus 2005), Dima Bilan (Russia 2006).

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