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Eurovision School Contest

Andy on сб, 18/05/2013 - 20:37

This year, it's not only the artists who are participating in Eurovision. More than 18,500 of Skåne's children and young people have been taking part in the competition: Eurovision School Contest.

The theme of the competition has been "My future Europe". The winners were presented on stage at the rehearsal for the Eurovision Song Contest, on the 15th May, in an arena full of children and young people from all over Skåne.

By participating in the Eurovision School Contest, schoolchildren from all of Skåne's districts are given the chance to describe their future Europe, with creativity and innovation. "The school competition is unique in its kind and is in keeping with the kind of event both SVT and the European Broadcasting Union are aiming to create", says SVT's Christer Björkman, who handled the prizes together with Swedish entrant Robin Stjernberg, who also performed for the occasion.

Depending on their age, the children have been invited to express themselves through art, film, poetry, song, music or dance. The younger children (6 to 11 years) are using art and competing to decorate 100 local buses with different subjects that will be driving around Skåne during May. This is the winning picture made by Snapphaneskolan, klass 5b:

From 2nd semifinal 1st dress rehearsal

The older children (12-15 years) were competing in song, film, music, dance and poetry and here is the winning video:

From 2nd semifinal 1st dress rehearsal

"Om du ger lite kärlek får du lite kärlek" (If you give some love - you get some love" in the slogan of it and it was produced by Klass 6, Löderups skola, Löderup. The winning class had been given a very special award - tonight they will join in the Eurovision Green Room - and they chatted with our Mike just before going in the hall.

More entries can be found at http://www.eurovisionschoolcontest.se/