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Tamara Gachechiladze

Georgia First Rehearsal

ChrisB on Sun, 04/30/2017 - 09:43

Tamara is a professional, she sounds good and knows how to work the stage.

Sacha Jean Baptiste was hired to rework the staging from NF and she apparently went for a minimalist approach with this entry.
Perhaps less is more, that is always debatable but in its current form the entry might lack a visual anchor.

Tamara starts in a red cape she takes off after 1st verse, there is some dry ice on the floor. Pyros for the climax.

Catching up a bit....


Well it was always going to be a little early for Tamara on stage, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well this sounded and looked on the screens. No real costume hints yet at all....but good start for her


Technical issues at the moment so Lindita had a small lung work out and then vanished from our screens
They seem to be starting again now.....

Georgia first rehearsal

Desiree on Sun, 04/30/2017 - 08:50

Tamara Gachechiladze just sang her song for the first time on the IEC stage. Vocally no issues as was to be expected, even though she seemed to hold back a bit in the last part, nothing to worry about in a first runthrough in a first rehearsal. She's alone on stage which should mean the backings are hidden, something we saw a lot last year as well. In the next runthroughs I'll keep an eye on it to see if they are visible or not.

The backdrop is very red with some flashes. Obviously this song needed a new backdrop as there was no way the NF version would be allowed on stage.

Also, she is clearly not wearing her stage outfit yet (despite the schedule mentioning that all performers are required to wear their costumes in this rehearsal).

I missed a part from the 2nd runthrough but the third one clearly reveals that Tamara will be wearing a red cape over her dress which is torn off after the first chorus. Now the only question left of course is what colour the dress will be. Red or not?
And there we have the pyro as well. No backings visible indeed but they can clearly be heard and are doing a good job. A very solid rehearsal.