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Iveta Mukuchyan

Armenia community event at Konstnars Huset, Konstnarsklubben

www.esckaz.com were privileged to have been invited to the Armenian community event this evening held at the Konstnars Huset, Konstnarsklubben.

This annual event organised by the Delegation from Armenia is meant to connect the local community with the artist from that year and to give local Armenian fans a chance to meet the performer.

Armenia community event photos

The evening started with the gathering go local VIPs from the local community and approximately 50 local Armenian fans of both Iveta and Eurovision. The atmosphere was quite quiet in the the room, until I made a short interview clip with the backing singers, in which they sang part of LoveWave. This got the audience in the mood of some of the nice moments to come....

The Iveta arrived, to applause and the speakers playing LoveWave, there was a short speech and then while refreshments were served, Iveta spent 20-30 minutes meeting all the people there and giving one-to-one selfie style photos to all her the fans gathered there.....

Then onto the performances...

First up were the backing vocalists themselves former Junior Eurovision Song Contest contestants Masha Mnjoyan (backing vocalist in JESC 2008 and national final participant of the same year, as well as participant of New Wave 2013) and Sona Gyulkhasyan (national preselections of 2010 and 2011 and New Wave Junior 2012), as well as Anushik Ter-Ghukasyan and Christina Mangasaryan. These were joined on piano by songwriter Lilith Navasardyan. They performed two traditional Armenian songs; Yerat Im Yerkir and Kilikiya.

They up came Iveta to join the backing girls and Lilith in a piano rendition of LoveWave.....

We also had a great opportunity to chat with Iveta for some minutes after the show;

Finally the evening was completed some traditional dancing from the troupe Alik Barakhoump (Members are Seri, Arsen, Mego and Nareg) and also from young Setali in a solo performance

Please also enjoy our photo gallery here;

Armenian community event

Finally our grateful thanks to both Gohar and David from the Armenian for the invitation to cover this event organised by the Armenian Delegation here in Stockholm

Armenia First Rehearsal

Iveta gets to go up and she's actually the first performer today to have a technically more challenged performance.

Dressed in a short black leotard with a veil attached on both arms, the singer's seductively singing her song alone on stage, which is smouldered in white smoke.

The atmosphere is pretty dark, but there's plenty visuals too with pyrotechnics added in the performance.

Iveta, sounds fantastic too, and I do think she has an usual presentation ready, which Europe is going to like. In the betting this seems to be overlooked a little. The added pyro's had us all in awe.

Well done Iveta.