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Gabriela Gunčíková

First rehearsal Czech Republic

Gabriela is the first to kick things off and she's proving to be in top form already.

Vocally this lady's sounding absolutely perfect. Not a single note is sounding out of place. The camera slowly zooms in during the first verse, while Gabriela walks down the stage. Apart from that it's a pretty static performance, but her song I stand lends itself for that.

The backdrop and LED floor has been filled with the colours and patterns used in the official video with main colours being purple, blue and magenta. That's perhaps the only criticism there is on the staging for the moment. Vocally you can't fault Gabriela, she is standing right there with her song.

The camera work however at times is a little sloppy, so I hope they manage to sort that out. Not sure using different angles really works for the ballad. The other minus point, is that perhaps the overall colours are a little bit too overpowering. So I hope they play around with the lights a little.

But what a voice! Sincerely hope, Europe votes en masse for the Czech Republic!