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City Event

Complimentary boat trips are fun - Sailor Yacht Club, Jaffa

ESCKAZ.com played tourists today with the complimentary boat cruise from Jaffa Port courtesy of the Sailer Yacht Club Jaffa


Boat Trip - Sailor Yacht Club Jaffa

This was an amazing 2 hours on a boat that does daily trips in the Tel Aviv area - our Captain, Amit, was a perfect host and we felt so comfortable and welcomed, just like everywhere else in Israel. The port area of Jaffa is a really nice backdrop too, well worth a vitas and a day out, maybe lunch and then a small cruise to explore the Tel Aviv skyline from a different angle.

Boat Trip - Sailor Yacht Club Jaffa

The only scary moment was the every small entrance in and out of the historic harbour - it’s approximately 20m and takes real skill to navigate. The evidence of less skilled sailors is there for all to see with a crashed boat on the rocks

Highly recommended to take a trip there, and all the links you will need are below

Boat Trip - Sailor Yacht Club Jaffa

With Thanks to the Sailor Yacht Club


+972 77-212-0366

Visit to Nalaga'at Center

Andy on Tue, 05/14/2019 - 19:34

We usually try to cover some of the characteristic events outside the Eurovision bubble which would tell on some of the interesting features of the host city. As part of the press-tours offered by Tel Aviv Municipality, ESCKAZ team has visited Nalaga'at Cultural center -the non-profit arts and cultural foundation that represents a meeting place between deaf, blind and deaf-blind individuals together with the public. The Nalaga’at Theater was established in 2002 with the purpose of integrating deaf-blind people into society, advancing their needs and aspirations and to grant them the opportunity of self-expression and exercising the most basic of their rights – contributing to the society.

Nalaga'at is divided into four sections which are: Theater (which is unique in the world and features deaf, blind and even deaf-blind actors), Blackout Restaurant (the only in Israel and one of 12 in the world), Workshop Center (offering for example Wine and Cheese tasting in the dark, Chocolate tasting workshop, Sign Language Workshop etc) and Kapish Events. Our initial interest was in Children of the lesser God theater play, but unfortunately, it is not screened during Eurovision week, but there's another one - Edgar on 16th of May at 20:30. I have been always fascinated by blind and deaf people and my ambition is to learn sign language one day, so when selecting our plan for Tel Aviv Nalaga'at center definitely had to be in the list.

The event was organized very smoothly, but sadly there were no other media present, and we need to say they should not miss this experience. We were accompanied by a volunteer from the Tel Aviv municipality. First, we had a chance to speak with CEO of the Center Oren Itzhaki and then we could actually enter the Blackout Restaurant - in which food is served in complete darkness, and tried some chocolates there. As Kirill has said it was kind of "eyes opening" experience, to feel what blind people feel - and were amazed by their courage and they act as role models to our society. After the event, we had a chance to speak to one of the employees Galina Bakshiev, who is visually impaired.

HQ Photos were provided by Ella Danino, Marketing manager of the Center. Read more at https://nalagaat.org.il/en

Nalaga'at Center

Hungarian party

Andy on Sun, 05/12/2019 - 08:26

Hungarian delegation held the opening party of the day, it took place in the Art Club which is meters away from our house. There was sale of tickets so a few Israelis turned up to their first chance to meet the Eurovision 2019 singers.

Sadly, the event was planned in such way that between Eurovision acts, there was over 30 minutes long set of Eurofalsh band - lip-synching Eurovision hits. It is not a discovery that this band isn't really rated high in the fan circles, and several people had to leave the event during their act. There were also DJ. Daniel Mariuma and Dj Ran Ziv, and the event was hosted by Amit Cotler (channel 13).

Delegations of Albania, Latvia, Montenegro have performed on the stage with Hungary itself being headliners of the event. Some other acts like band Tulia also made their appearance at the party.

Hungarian Party

Dinner with Eatwith

Maxim_T on Fri, 05/10/2019 - 09:22

Yesterday, on May 10th, the ESCKAZ team was invited to attend a very special event "Eurovision Special Feast" which turned out to be very atmospheric dinner organized by the very hospitable local hosts Keren & Yael with the help of the Eatwith program. We thank Hila from Blender PR for the invitation to attend the event for free, as the regular price of the dinner was 312 NIS = 80 EUR. It was really a one-time opportunity, authentic experience of hospitality in local Israelis home.


Dinner for more than 20 guests was held in a modern loft with a veranda, offering breathtaking views of the night Tel Aviv. Right from the very beginning, friendly hosts treated their guests with various cheese and vegetable snacks, their own homemade liver pate and wine. We were pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere around us, as people completely unfamiliar with each other communicated as old friends and in every possible way supported conversations on various topics.

The hosts of this evening were very much inspired by us and our stories about Eurovision, and promised to consult us on the compilation of their future Eurovision playlist. They also told that they are not very enthusiastic about the entry of Kobi Marimi, the representative of Israel this year.

After meeting the guests in a relaxed atmosphere and a glass of wine on the veranda, everyone was invited to a large table, where the first courses were already waiting for us.

We were fed homemade bread with sesame, to which 5 types of additives were offered at once, ranging from ground tomatoes in olive oil and beets with cheese to the most delicious garlic paste.

After that, beef seasoned with delicate cheese sauce with nuts, stewed cabbage stuffed with cheese, steam fish balls with vegetables and sauce, melted cheese wrapped in grape leaves, eggplant with feta cheese and nuts were served on the table. The hosts actively offered their guests various alcoholic beverages, for example, red and white wine, vodka (which we were somewhat surprised with).

During a short break, we managed to get acquainted with one interesting guest who was born in Russia, since childhood she lived in a suburb of Riga, and in the mid-70s she moved with her parents, first to Israel, and then to New York, where she now lives with her husband and two sons. At this dinner, they were with the whole family. We learned that her husband was actually from Moldova, and they met in Israel. Adult sons (25 and 29 years old) feel their affection for Israel, so the youngest is now in Israel with a charitable mission, within the framework of which he helps children of killed and wounded soldiers to cope with the psychological shock.

At the table next to us was a married couple from Switzerland, who now live in Israel. During our conversations with them, we decided to inquire about their opinion about the representative of Switzerland, Luca Hänni. It turned out that they do not particularly follow Eurovision, but the name of Luca was familiar to them. As we learned, our companion grew up and went to school in Switzerland with father of Luca Hänni, which made us wonderfully surprised. It turned out that they were very close and practical inseparable friends during their stay in Switzerland. Our companions were very happy and proud of their friend and Luca.

Australian party

Andy on Fri, 05/10/2019 - 06:06

Australian party took place at the outdoor venue Port 15 in Jaffa. Australian ambassador in Israel and Head of the Delegation Paul Clarke delivered their speeches, Kate Miller-Heidke performed two songs - among them the accoustic version of Zero Gravity - there were also guests from Poland, Estonia, Finland, and Sweden, who joined for the same photo.

Australian party 2019

ESCKAZ.com team day out in Jerusalem

Day trip to Jerusalem

ESCKAZ.com day out in Jerusalem

As we had a day off this year the team from ESCKAZ.com and some close friends decided to take a trip to Jerusalem to see the sights and take in the atmosphere - and also of course take the obligatory photo of the venue from 1999

ESCKAZ.com day out in Jerusalem

The day started by gathering at the Unicersity train station and taking a quick ride to the airport to change to the new shuttle train that connects Jerusalem and Tel Aviv - literally the whole journey took less than one hour and we were in the Old Town for Jerusalem

The first stop, right next to the train station was the venue from 1999, International Convention Center, obligatory pictures done, it was boarding the new light rail train to pass up to the Old Town…

Starting at one of the gates for the old city walls, our group meandered up through the old town to start the first stop of the tour, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre. While there were obviously queues to get into the Tomb area we decided to join the queue as we had several Orthodox Christians and Catholic Christians in our group. The experience was spiritual and we were so glad to go and finally do this - after many many years of wanting to go to Jerusalem

ESCKAZ.com day out in Jerusalem

Next stop for the Russian side of the team was a stop at the Russian Orthodox Church, Alexander Nevsky Church - they all got services said for friends and family back home and were super excited about that…

Via Dolorosa was up next, time to walk the street which Christ walked when he was carrying his Cross - we also found the place that he rested and stopped for a few moments there.

Temple Mount was closed for the day - it was a Muslim holy day - so we skipped that and passed straight to the Western Wall. Skull caps on we approached the wall and had a few moments there in contemplation - then it was food time!! And back to Tel Aviv in time for the Independence Day celebrations in Rabin Square

ESCKAZ.com day out in Jerusalem

Some photos are here if you would like to take some time to share our day with us..

Independence Day Concert

Andy on Thu, 05/09/2019 - 08:04

In the evening almost whole TeamKAZ went to the Independence Day concert on Rabin Square. The first part of the concert was labelled Hallelujah Eurovision and was obviously devoted to the contest. From the contest artists, though there appeared Hovi Star, some other acts, as well as Tel Aviv Youth members, have performed vocal and dance covers.

In the second part of the concert performed Transistor Band performing hits of the legendary and my favourite Israeli singer Arik Einstein. We with Ruslan danced the whole evening and the square sang together with the singers.

Also, we were able to enjoy an amazing firework display.

Songs in the Square

Andy on Tue, 05/07/2019 - 22:16

In the Memorial Day evening, some of ESCKAZ team members have attended Songs in the Square concert, which took place on Rabin Square (the Square that hosted previous Israel Calling event).

The concert featured such artists like Boaz Sharabi, Berry Sakharof, Dudu Tasa, Dikla, Hadag Nachash, Miri Mesika, Moran Mazor, Nasreen Kadari, Narkis, Subliminal, Idan Amdi and Tel Aviv Youth. Between the songs, there were stories of the fallen Israeli soldiers. The event has ended with Israeli anthem. Memorial day is one of the most important days of the year for the Israelis and it was quite an emotional experience to share it with them.

Today also marked release of the very special song: Starring President Rivlin and the singer Boaz Sharabi, more than 20 choirs and singing groups, kindergartens, artistic gymnastic groups and dancers from the dance department of Beit Halohem and others gathered at Beit HaNasi and were the human background, some 500 people, for the song “Halevai” (“If Only”), written by Boaz Sharabi, words by Ehud Manor.

Georgian events in Tel Aviv - Oto Nemsadze

ESCKAZ team has attended concert event of Oto Nemsadze & Shavnabada ensemble which was held in Sports Center "New" of Tel Aviv. Georgian diaspora has been invited to this free concert organized by Georgian embassy in collaboration with Tel Aviv municipality and Oto Nemsadze fan club.

The Georgian delegation has also hosted an event at a local restaurant Kinto owned Maurice Janashvlilli - Georgian Israeli pop star. We hope you enjoy the video and photos from the event

Georgian Restaurant Event

Cocktail reception in Herzliya

Cocktail reception in Herzliya

Yesterday evening the City of Herzliya and the organisation of this year's Eurovision, KAN, hosted a cocktail reception in Herzliya Marina. All delegations were invited to take part in the welcome photo wall, and were treated to complimentary food and drink.

Cocktail reception in Herzliya

Tali Eshkoli and the Mayor of Herzliya gave welcome speeches and the audience were then given a concert by a local band who sang all the Israeli winning songs - and then the 4th placed singer from Eurovision 2005, Shiri Maimon performed

Cocktail reception in Herzliya

Cocktail reception in Herzliya