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Meeting Russia and Czech Republic at airport

Andy on Sun, 05/01/2016 - 14:46

ESCKAZ and few Swedish fans were the only ones to meet Sergey Lazarev upon his arrival at the Arlanda airport. He arrived with his manager Mikhail Dvoretskiy and head of press of RTR broadcaster Maxim Kranin. The rest of the team including head of delegation Ekaterina Orlova and head of press Monica Papadatou will arrive a bit later.

Russia arrival

We were no less happy to meet charming Gabriela Gunčíková from Czech republic.

Czech Republic arrive at Arlanda

Russia Second Rehearsal: Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices

Gosh what can we still say about Russia what hasn't been said yet? Look, Polina is an all round entertainer. She knows exactly what angles she needs to use to make sure they're right for her performance.

Vocally, she is not trying, yet she is sounding absolutely amazing. The backdrop, dress, her backings and band are all pitch perfect.

Great vocals, great performance.

Sochi 2016... it could be an actual possibility!

A million yesses to Polina!

Russia First Rehearsal: Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices

Russia is the last act to perform, before we go on a quick break, but wauw, can I just say that Polina and her team are delivering a confident, no nonsense performance.

Polina's a professional, her vocal capabilities are unreal. It's like she's not even trying that hard. Really really impressed. She's wearing a long figure hugging silky white gown on which little drops are being projected at times.

What's so impressive with the Russian rehearsal is, is that Polina has not brought any props with her. She's solely relying on her vocals. She's joined by three backings and a drummer, all dressed in white, who are bringing that real stadium feel to 'A Million Voices'.

The backdrops as well are so cleverly sought out and they all work very well together.

Right now, Russia is walking over everything we have seen today. Qualifying should be dead easy and this is the first contender, for the top place coming May 23rd.


Russia - First rehearsal

Polina receive great ovation from the press center. Some were shouting "Bravo" even. Great job! I didn't except it to be performed that good.

Polina is wearing a very long white dress; some part of it is beautifully spread on the stage floor. She is supposed not to stay motionless in such a dress, I think, but in the culmination she couldn't keep all her emotions inside.

There are drums and two guitars on the stage plus two backing vocals. The whole team produced a marvelous show, I'm speechless

Russia and Pollina Gagarina take the stage to wrap up this first four rehearsals from today.....

A huge superstar from Russia stands on stage.....all in white and very sincere and believing

Backed by a band with drums and two guitarists, in a similar way to how we have seen here perform before, and two backing singers.....

She look amazing to be honest and this is a sure fire contender for the top spot now!!!!!!

Press centre is going mental for it too.....handclaps and singeing along....this is instant and will do 100 times better than the folks that boo think it will