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Ukrainian Eduard Romanyuta was arrested right on the red carpet

Andy on Mon, 05/18/2015 - 10:52

Ukrainian Eduard Romanyuta was arrested right on the red carpet

Representative of Moldova was arrested right on the red carpet of "Eurovision 2015"

Ukrainian singer Eduard Romanyuta, who is representing Moldova at Eurovision Song Contest 2015, appeared on the red carpet In Vienna accompanied by police and handcuffed. The audience was shocked.

"Watch the first act on the first half-final and you will get answers to all your questions"- Eduard Romanyuta's comments on his appearances added to already high level of curiosity of the audience. After completion of European-wide promo-tour, Eduard Romanyuta arrived to Vienna to challenge his competition at the final fight and show a worthy performance thus cementing his chances for a victory. The Moldavian representative will be opening 60th Eurovision Song Contest with song "I Want Your Love".

During the last three years Eduard Rmanyuta was hoing his talent and skills at national Eurovision contests in Ukraine. In 2015 absolutely everything was rip and ready - the act, as well as the song. Unfortunately the well-known tragic events at the motherland of the artist left their mark also on art life of the country - Ukraine decided not to partake in the contest this year. Nevertheless, Eduard decided, that Ukrainian voice must be heard in Vienna and instead of despairing, entered Moldovan national Eurovision 2015 contest.

In intense and fair competition between representatives of several countries Eduard Romanyuta emerged victorious and won the right to perform on the stage of the biggest European song contest. And now Eduard is representing not just one, but two nations at Eurovision.