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Ukraine first rehearsal

Desiree on Fri, 05/05/2017 - 13:32

The rehearsals continue with Ukraine. O.Torvald has shown very spectacular performances during the preselection earlier this year, so I kind of expected the same or even more for Eurovision itself. On a first look it seems more toned down though. This doesn't mean it's not impressive. On the contrary.

The staging is quite dark with lots of thunder and lightning (... no I won't). Behind Zhenya Galich (the lead singer of the band) there is a big face prop with eyes that light up during the rocky instrumental parts. At the end, on the stage the rest of a body is projected so we have a complete 'extra human being'.
The female backing singer is hidden behind this mask, so it's a variation of the hidden backings, this time one who is not completely hidden. I think it would be fine to have her more visible on stage. All other band members are also on stage but mostly kept in the dark, even when the camera films them. I'd like to have a bit more focus on them as well.

Leadsinger Zhenya Galich is wearing a glittery shirt, really the opposite of what I had expected him to wear as it's probably the least glitter song of the year.

As it's the only proper rock song of the year it could stand out and do better than we think.