Today May 6: Festival starts in Eurovision Village and Euro Fan Café

Andy on Fri, 05/06/2016 - 07:55

The Eurovision Village festival in Kungsträdgården starts today. The Choir established by ABBA the Museum, the popular Swedish artist Martin Stenmarck and the Soul Train Club are some of the highlights in the programme.

Stora scenen
17:45–17:55 Presenting: Poli Genova from Bulgarien

Poli Genova represents Bulgaria in Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the song ”If love was a crime”.

18:00–18:15 Presenting: Rykka from Switzerland

Christina Maria Rieder, also known as Rykka, represents Switzerland in
Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the sumptuous ballad “Last of Our Kind”.

18:15–18:35 Presenting: Eneda Tarifa from Albania

Eneda Tarifa represents Albania in Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with
the RnB-song “Fairytale”. In Albania she is known as an actress, TV-host,
songwriter and singer.

18:40–18:50 Presenting: Argo from Greece
Argo represents Greece in Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the song ”Utopian Land”.

19:00–19:45 The Choir established by ABBA the Museum

ABBA’s immortal songs in a magical choir setting. Listen to Dancing
Queen and other gems in The Choir’s repertoire. The choir
was started by ABBA The Museum to celebrate the 40 year anniversary
of ABBA’s international breakthrough at the Eurovision Song Contest in
Brighton 1974.

20:00–21:00 Martin Stenmarck

Martin Stenmarck’s big breakthrough came when he won Melodifestivalen 2005 with the song ”Las Vegas”. This year he competed with the song “Du tar mig tillbaks”. He will perform in Eurovision Village with his own band.

12:00–15:00 Bollywood Opera

Rossini’s comical opera ”Italian girl in Algiers” has been transformed into a fantastic Bollywood-film performance. The opera is a unique performance with a large ensemble consisting of opera singers, musicians, dancers and children, both professional, internationally known stars and amateurs from Botkyrka. They let us revel in sensuous Rossini coloraturas and Bollywood dancing in a colourful firework of festive music and dancing. On the stage in Dammen in Eurovision Village we will get a sample from the coming show.

21:30–00:00 Club night: Soul train

An evening with a superb mix of soul, funk, disco and RnB from the
70’s until today. The club is hosted by DJ Anders Müller and René Disteli
Hedemyr, a duo that has filled dance floors every night for four years.
Now the club will move out to Dammen in Eurovision Village for one
evening. Don’t miss!