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Sweden: Second Rehearsal

Last year's host Sweden has given 7-fold Melodifestivalen veteran Sanna Nielsen finally the ticket to Eurovision. Will she be crowned the Eurovision winner of 2014? Here's how she did in her second rehearsal.

The Swedish delegation have opted for the same concept behind the Melodifestivalen performance with just a little change. The beam lights in the beginning of the song are in a swirl, which changes back to the original set up of the beam lights as shown in the Melodifestivalen performance.

it's quite a dark staging for Sanna,with just a few light touches in the backdrop. But overall it's very sober. Sanna's wearing a black low cut short dress, which has lace over it. There's a lot of close up shots from different angles.

Sanna starts off pretty impressive vocally but in the last verse she sounds a little rushed. I think it's the nerves, there seems to be a lot of press who's gathered for her performance in the arena. I'm sure she'll be fine in the second run through.

We've not had a lot of ballads from Sweden over the past few years in Eurovision, so it will be interesting to see how this will do. As I said previously, Sanna's Undo leaves me lukewarm. It hasn't on a first listen and to date I'm still not convinced Sweden's in it to win it, but I can see them make the final with ease and put down a good performance with a random place on the left side of the scoreboard.