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More experiences from the Euroclub last night

Desiree on Tue, 05/02/2017 - 09:43

Yesterday I also went to the Euroclub opening and while a larger review and all the videos/photos are already posted, just a few words from me to add!

I thought I was going to late as the word was the opening would be around 9 pm and I didn't make it until 9.30 approximately. Just a tip for those who haven't been there - once you're walking in the (very dark) park you're going into the wrong direction! I ended up standing right next to the Euroclub according to the map, however the park is situated much higher than the road the Euroclub is on. At least I got a nice photo from the Euroclub, if only it weren't so dark...

Luckily the programme didn't start until after 10 so I still got to see Sunstroke Project and O.Torvald perform.

The drink menu was already mentioned. I decided to try one of the special shots, with the name Jamala. So I got to taste a winning recipe obviously. Still didn't really see what it is so I can't help those who were looking for the recipe for success!

Shot "Jamala" in Euroclub