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Moldova first rehearsal

Desiree on Mon, 05/01/2017 - 09:35

Another big contrast between this and the previous song on stage. I'll have to admit right away that Moldova is totally one of my guilty pleasures this year. One of the big fun songs of the year!

No big surprises when it comes to the choreography of the performance - the same as we saw in the national final and promotour performances. The three backings are once again in their wedding dresses. The big difference is that they are really making all of it when it comes to the visuals. In the first part led screens show square arches, which is different from what the other countries have on stage. During the 'walk dance' if I may call it like that Anton and Sergei (the violinist and saxophone player) are duplicated on the led-screens, a real nice touch.
Another small change is that 'she'll be back until sunrise' just before the instrumental break is now not sung but replaced by a still of Sunstroke Project and the backings.

Vocally Sergey (the singer) is great as usual. So I'm afraid I might be a bit alone in this but I really hope it's going to do well!