Hungary second rehearsal

Desiree on Sat, 05/06/2017 - 08:36

Joci Pápai is on stage now for a second rehearsal. It all sounds and looks very solid and it is nice to have some ethnical songs as they are in a very small minority this year. The only thing that strikes me as less fortunate here is that the screens don't make clear why Joci has a milk can on a stand next to him. In the hall we can see that during the first instrumental break he drums on it, but the camera then mostly focuses on the violinist and the dancer, with Joci seen in the background, so the first time viewer probably won't notice him at that moment.

Two possible solutions: either get the milk can away (don't think it adds value to the performance) or show better why it is on stage.
(Update: on the second run I did see Joci playing the 'drums' clearly - they may have picked up on it or I missed it in the first run as the screens with the feed in the hall go on and off).

Some words on the backings - they're still in gold with silvery/white doves shown on them, looks really nice. Just before the rap the dance features pyro.