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How did France's first rehearsal go?

Twin Twin from France are hoping to inspire Europe to grow a moustache next Saturday. Here's how their first rehearsal went.

The French are going for a complete extravaganza Moustache fest on the B&W Hallerne stage.

Joined by two dancers, both dressed in white, and a backing vocalist, the Twin Twins give their best shot. Vocally it's a little bit underwhelming if I'm being honest, but that's been made up by the enthusiasm and energy the group showcase on the stage.

There's good use of the catwalks, and the central stage. Shame the French didn't bring a giant moustache prop along.

Hopefully they'll surprise us when the second rehearsals start later this week.

Lots of colours, lots of energy. Just a little work still left on the vocals and France is surely to brighten up the final with its Moustache entry.