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Grand Final Jury Performances Live Blog

ChrisB on Fri, 05/12/2017 - 20:18

Grand Final Jury Performances:

Israel: Imri seems more relaxed today than earlier. Vocals mostly fine.

Poland: Kasia holding the last note especially long today to leave a mark with the juries.

Belarus: NAVI as before, energetic and good chemistry.

Austria: Nathan gives good camera for juries. And vocals better than Wednesday.

Armenia: Artsvik sells 'Fly With Me' as she always does: Excellent!

The Netherlands: OG3NE should be very happy with their jury performance. The Dutch journalists in the press centre are too.

Moldova: One of the bridesmaids' costumes didn't unfold. Other than that perfectly fine performance.

Hungary: Joci with a good performance.

Italy: Francesco gives a charismatic and fun performance. Arena audience participates in choreo.

Denmark: Anja looks comfortable on stage and nails the vocals without any problems.

Portugal: Salvador with an incredibly sensitive performance. Unique artistry.

Azerbaijan: Dihaj looks more relaxed and is in particularly good voice today.

Croatia: Jacques with two strong vocal performances and some ad-libbing to impress the juries.

Australia: Isaiah plays it much safer today and sounds better than in Tuesday's semi.

Greece: Demy with a charming performance supported by backing vocalists through the challenging chorus' harmonies.

Spain: Manel gave a cool and mostly vocally secure performance.

Norway: Has improved from the semi final form.

UK: Lucie with strong vocals and lots of passion.

Cyprus: Hovig as he has been in the semi final. Solid.

Romania: Good performance from the duo.

Germany: Levina gives a lot of smiles for the juries and shows progress from earlier.

Ukraine: The host nation can be very proud with their jury performance.

Belgium: Blanche's jury performance was fragile and secure. Wonderful.

Sweden: Robin had better performances. But it was very slick!

Bulgaria: Kristian with a strong emotive performance for juries.

France: Alma with a confident and uplifiting performance for the juries.