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Belgium: Second rehearsal

Belgium is represented by Axel Hirsoux, who's bringing an ode to his mother. How did this second rehearsal go?

Belgium oh Belgium.
The past few weeks Axel has been noted by the bookmakers as a sure fire qualifier and one of the stand out tracks, which could do moderately well this year.

His first rehearsal on Monday made it look like Axel was living up to the expectations but today, I'm not really feeling it. I don't know why but I don't think the staging is right for the Belgian entry.

The backdrop is too dark, and the dancer who's supposed to represent the mother isn't getting as much attention as she should be given, considering the track is about a 'mother'.

Vocally you can fault Axel, but I'm really not sure about Belgium and whether they will qualify this year. More than ever their result will depend on how it is performed on the night and if the public will go for this ballad.