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Armenia: Second rehearsal

Armenia gets to climb on the stage first this morning for his second rehearsal.

There haven't been much changes so from the first rehearsal. The backdrop is blue and white, firstly starting as a galaxy pictures, before is slowly moves into waves and rain drops.

For the intro of the song, Aram is using the same light beams we know from Sanna Nielsen's Undo performance. The stage floor is also litted in the galaxy backdrop. There's a lot of close up shots on Aram, with one particular shot zooming in on the Armenian flag brooch which he's wearing.

As the song progresses red and yellow join in the colours until the Drum and bass part kicks in in which the stage goes bright red and gets supported by Pyro technics at the front of the stage.

The apricot tree also makes an appearance in gold on the backdrop. Aram's wearing an elegant grey coat with an Armenian flag brooch on, which is flying a little when a wind machine is also added into the performance.

There's no doubt, Armenia is going to sail through to the final even though I'm still not entirely sure, whether Aram can go all the way and win Eurovision.