Anti Social Media EP Premiere

Andy on Wed, 05/13/2015 - 11:56

Anti Social Media - The recipe for the perfect soundtrack for your summer!
The Danish pop/rock band, Anti Social Media is ready to release their debut EP the 15 of May, only 4 days before the Eurovision contestants will perform in Vienna, in front of expected, 200 million viewers. The Ep is packed with catchy melodies bringing your mind-set back the happy days of music in the 60s. The debut EP “THE WAY”, includes 6 catchy tunes that embrace the best of several musical genres, from indie-pop to soft rock.

Behind the success-band is the producer team Remee & Chief 1. With an impressive combined win of 5 local Eurovision (Denmark & Germany) and more than 30 million sold albums, it can be no understatement - that they now their way around a hit.

Anti Social Media optimism is predominant, their energy is remarkable, and their lyrics are not only deliberated, but also undeniably good. Anti Social Media is mostly known for their upcoming participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 as the band is going to represent Denmark in the big final-show that takes place in Wien the 23nd of May, where the band hopefully will sparkle with their debut song “The Way You Are”.

Though, Anti Social Media have been very busy before the big adventure in Vienna, the Danish act has still been able to find the time to create their own musical space, which is now ready to be shared on their debut EP, “THE WAY”. The EP deals with typical coming of age issues, such as needing to know if you are “more than a friend”, “being city bound”, a and how the presence of a new person in your life can change everything.

The band exists of guitarist Nikolaj, bass player David, drummer Emil, and lead vocalist Phillip. They have already manifested their relevance in the music industry as much more than a “one-hit wonder”, which the band has so gracefully proven with their debut EP, that makes a perfect soundtrack for the summer of 2015 and the general rollercoaster of life.

1 More than a friend
2 The way you are
3 Whoopsie Daisy
4 Fire Exit
5 Until you came
6 City Bound