Amber supports education for Refugees in Vienna

Andy on Wed, 05/20/2015 - 12:32

Amber and the Maltese Delegation have visited the Learning Café in Vienna.

The Learning Café (Lerncafe), set up by Caritas Vienna, is a free of charge service for kids and teenagers coming from refugee families.

Amber adores children. She was particularly keen to make this visit in Vienna, having previously worked for charity in Tanzania and having helped young kids in need in Reggio Calabria in Italy. Indeed, her plan is to go back to Tanzania this summer. Amber’s plan is to become a primary school teacher. She is completing a Bachelor of Education Degree in early childhood.

The Maltese singer was shown around the facilities. The environment is very colourful and child friendly. The Centre offers assistance to children to carry out their school homework, including reading practice, and provides the necessary tools to improve their computer skills. The Learning Café also provides educational guidance for parents with the help of volunteers.

Amber played with the children, taught them about Malta and sang them the song Warrior. Though the children could not communicate in English, Amber managed to build a bridge with big smiles and warm hugs. She also distributed Eurovision memorabilia.

Twenty four NGO’s and other institutions in Austria are calling for an end to unfair politics related to refugees in the EU. Amber signed a petition promoted by the NGO’s and the Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu.