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Albania first rehearsal

Desiree on Sun, 04/30/2017 - 09:29

So far we're going well on schedule and we've already moved to Albania. Vocally again more than decent. Lindita chose not to hide her backings and isn't wearing her dress either. The backdrop reminds of the video she made, now in a greenish colour and with clocks with roman numerals around her and on the floor.
While there is nothing to say against her or the song, still it just doesn't make the same impression as Georgia.

The second time she experiments with some different vocal lines just before the long note. We know now that Lindita can also hit really high notes if she wants but I hope she keeps them out as it does not fit the song. Unfortunately it's been this way as well in the 3rd - and even 4th - runthrough. It's strange how she does a high note, than an awkward silence and then the long and impressive note that she has nailed each and every time so far. I hope it's still some way to save her voice.