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Nina Krajlic

Croatia First Rehearsal

As the Eurovision season finished up, Croatia emerged as one of the front runners of this year's Eurovision. Unfortunately the first rehearsal of Nina may have dashed plenty of those aspiring hopes some of us had.

Nina's vocals are very shaky at the moment, so that's something she will have to work on in the coming days. I don't think that's much of her concern though, the third run through already sounded much much much better.

What concerns me more however is the huge grey dress she is wearing at the beginning of her song.

Just as with Trijntje Oosterhuis last year, the dress overpowers literally everything good about Lighthouse and that's an absolute shame. The backdrop, remains pretty simple, with blue as the main colours. Nina is also joined by four other backing vocalists on stage, though there's little to no interaction with them.

If Croatia is to win any prizes at all at this stage, it will be the Barbara Dex award of the season.