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Slovenia First Rehearsal

ManuElla from Slovenia gets to open the first rehearsal of day 4.

Her outfit has changed from the national final. She is now wearing a long white dress with black touches and long split. The biggest change is of course the revamped song, which opens now with a slightly different opening than its original. That's a pretty high note to sing first thing in the morning. Vocals are good and keep getting better as the song progresses.

As many songs, the backdrop is mainly blue and red during the verses, which is the only fitting colours for this song really. I really think SVT have to rethink the backdrop used for a lot of countries, but this blue and red scheme is getting very annoying now. Not a criticism to Slovenian delegation team however. Bonus point is however that in the chorus, the backdrop has several stills of ManuElla's eyes featured.

In terms of the act, ManuElla is on the stage alone for most of the time, but she's joined halfway through by the Danish acrobat Jannik Baltzer Hattel, who's basically twisting his body around a pole. Not entirely sure what it exactly adds to the message of the song though.

In the third run, pyros have been added to the performance, which kick in during the key change. Those are all around the stage by the way.

Pretty good first rehearsal.