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Well putting my money where my mouth is......time to call this now......

In the top 10 will be

United Kingdom
The Netherlands
Denmark and

As for the top 4 in serious contention now are United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Spain and Armenia/Greece

As for the winner......who the hell knows at this point....San Marino anyone???? ;-P

Twin Twin are full of energy this morning.

A High energy performance for Twin Twin and much much much better vocals than the one we heard so far.

A lot going on on the LED screens. Lots of vibrant, colours in a cartoon'ish way. Lots of moustaches of course, with a special backdrop of a giant Moustache filled with flags of some countries taking part in this year's contest (Israel, Germany, Norway).

A very high energy performance from France, though they seem to have skipped some of the catwalk use for some reason. The charisma is there, just the vocals need to be a bit more on par.

A fun rehearsal which has the potential of being even better, if they keep working on their vocals.

Party, party, PARTY......

So last night was probably the busiest night for the parties so far

First up was the Italian party in the smaller venue at Euroclub, hosted by the ever helpful and upbeat Italian delegation....

Emma performed a long set of her music and rocked it up on the stage to a packed crowd of gathered press and local VIPs.

Video clips available on our normal youtube account......https://youtube.com/user/EurovisionKZ/videos

Next up was Ireland......as always seems to be the case now this was hosted in the local Irish Bar, The Shamrock Bar in central Copenhagen....

Massively crowded but anyone who has ever been to Ireland will totally understand that this is just how thing's are in Ireland so we all felt totally at home....

Food was provided and a free bar for the delegations....

Performances from Malta, Norway and of course Can-Linn and Kasey Smith....https://youtube.com/user/EurovisionKZ/videos

Final party of the night was the huge open to everybody Israeli Party.....Mei Fingold and her delegation threw open the doors of the large venue in Euroclub and welcomed anybody who wanted to celebrate on the eve of their Independence Day today.

Euroclub was packed to the rafters with hundreds of people who came to see not only Mei but performances from Georgia, France, Austria and Malta.....