Cyprus First Rehearsal

ChrisB on Mon, 05/01/2017 - 12:38

Quite a lot of stage gymnastics involved in that choreo. It is very demanding, and Hovig doesn't manage all the required moves just yet. But it was only the first rehearsal, so things will clearly look different in a week from now. At the moment it is difficult to imagine how it will come across, once all the pieces of choreography are more polished. Right now there are promising fragments. A work in progress.

Cyprus First Rehearsal

Time to get your rock on!

Minus One from Cyprus, have been working together with Sascha Jean Baptiste, who's directed Nina Sublatti's entry for Georgia last year (she's also doing the work for the Georgian entrant this year).

Apart from the lead singer, all other members are standing in cages on the staging, so there's not a lot movement going on the stage. Flashing lights are also part of the visual presentation. Francois as lead singer is of course the main focus and he's put on his best poker face, giving a lot of stern looks.

Vocally, he started off pretty well, but then in the chorus he seemed to be getting ahead of himself a little bit, which gave me the impression he was grasping for air. Relax, Francois, keep it controlled. During the second run through, he sounded vocally much better.

But this year is all about the wolf, because the animal used in the Cypriotic video is also making an appearance, albeit not a real one. I'm not sure if the wolf really works in this concept. It doesn't really seem to fit within the concept. Perhaps, if the LED backdrop had featured the wolf throughout the performance, it would make more sense, but otherwise.

A bit of rethinking that needs to be done here, I think, but overall a pretty good performance.