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The Netherlands

The Netherlands - First Rehearsal

The Netherland's entry is sexy as well as Trijntje Oosterhuis is wearing a very open dress showing her décolleté a lot. For the second try she changed her costume a bit, wearing a veil that hides her face making it more mysterious for us.

Trijnje has a good eye contact with the audience and that makes her more sincere although she stays a bit emotionless during the whole performance. I would expect more action from such a song. As I mentioned before they added a veil to her look but when the second try started she didn’t like it and immediately took it off.

Vocally she's very good, but the overall performance is not that impressive. To be honest, I don’t think she will qualify for the final. Sorry…

Well, only during the 3d try I've noticed that Trijnje is wearing some orange neon stickers on her fingers that can be visible when there a few lights on the stage.

Rehearsal of The Netherlands

Andy on Mon, 05/11/2015 - 13:18

Fashion police is usually very busy at the Eurovision and Trijntje outfit is definitely one for it.

There isn't much else to say about the performance, the stage floor where Trijntje stand is showing some cracks or rays of light and there is walking figure on the background. There are 4 backing vocalists who do the walk along bit, and there is an extensive use of all sorts of colours on the stage.

She looks not really comfortable on the stage and not please herself with the performance (or is it the outfit?), but vocally it is nice. The song now has a very interesting mood but again this is a borderline qualifier.

First impressions from The Netherlands on stage

Sorry missed the first run through

But seeing the dress now live on screen....oh dear to be honest....there is a saying that less is more sometimes....and we are seeing plenty here...

Heard the sound while I was elsewhere and it seems ok.....but that still does not lift what is essentially a dull song

Second run through now.....she look uncomfortable and almost pained expression on her face....and the lace veil is not helping this at all.....not really going to repeat the success of the Common Linnets from last year.....

Lots of colour switching in the backdrop is making this look more messy as it grinds to it's 3 minute end point!

And so it begins.....

Finally that moment in 2015 arrives when the first countries grace the 2015 Eurovision stage for the very first time, we kick off this morning with Moldova, Armenia, Belgium and The Netherlands and then skip into the afternoon with Finland, Greece, Estonia and finishing the day but no means least Macedonia

We come at the rehearsals with some preconceptions as to what will be good, bad and indifferent as we have already seen performances from many of the delegates on the promo tour.....but forget all that WE WILL clear our small brains of all this and open a totally open mind and be as objective as we can

Just a few more hours and clips from www.eurovision.tv should be online plus opinions from the 5 million other bloggers about to unfurl their (sometimes brutal) honesty on the world