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The Netherlands First Rehearsal: Trijntje Oosterhuis - Walk Along

Oh Trijntje, dear, dear Trijntje from the Netherlands. For the first time in a long time, we're starting to see many of the outfits artists are wearing for their upcoming semi's as requested by ORF, but Trijntje's making an impact but for all the wrong reasons.

Her performance starts off rather well, very intimate and close with a focus on Trijntje's face, which for the first verse is covered in a black lace, veil. But when the camera zooms out, and Trijntje's dress appears our fears for a fashion disaster become real. With a big low cut, showing a lot of boob, fans in the press center are already speculating Trijntje could win this year's Barbara Dex Award. Trijntje is a beautiful woman, but the dress she's wearing is certainly not flattering her.

Because fashion is so involved with the staging, I'm really unsure about Trijntje's overall staging visually at the moment. There are a lot of elements which look as if they have been thrown together right now and therefore don't work that well. We get a smokey background first, which then all the sudden changes to neon lights and then goes back to a range of metal looking fluo colours. Strange choices. On the other hand, just like last year, the close ups are once again really well done. And that's, together with her incredible voice, the Dutch biggest selling asset.

So in short, a great voice on the stage but visually The Netherlands need a re-think and go back to last year's approach and keep in mind that less is more.

Netherlands Cinq Points!