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Moldova second rehearsal

Desiree on Thu, 05/04/2017 - 14:03

So apparently I was sleeping during the first rehearsal of Moldova because I now only notice that the backings are not still experimenting with different dresses but rather have a dress change. Oh the things you notice when you are actually in the hall. The guys from Sunstroke Project are back in the suits they also wore in the national final. It works well of course, though not necessarily better than the more casual clothes they had on the first rehearsal.

I'm still loving this as much as before, it will be a big party in the hall when it's full!

The rehearsal of Moldova is the last one I'll see today as right now I'll be off for a special report - I'll update myself on Iceland, Czech Republic and Cyprus and will of course be back tomorrow morning for the last rehearsals of this semi-final, some 2nd rehearsals from semi 2 and of course the first rehearsals from the big 5 + Ukraine.