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Italy First Rehearsal: Il Volo - Grande Amore

Italy have just taken the stage for the first time and it's looking very good for the three young Italian guys. They're all wearing the same outfit, which consists of a black suit, white shirt and red shoes.

The predominant colours for the staging starts in dark blue, but progresses to a orange backdrop on which several famous Italian statues appear, which are accompanied by white lightning around the stage.

Vocally these guys are simply astonishing, there's no question about that. My question is whether the European audience will get the very Italian, static performance though? Right now, not all Il Volo members are connecting with the camera and that's really going to be necessary. Pierro in particular is really struggling finding the camera actually. And that's a little bit worrying.

But they did it in Sanremo, which they won, so I'm undoubtedly confident they'll be doing the same.