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How did Romania's first rehearsal go?

In 2010 Paula Seling and Ovi took the third place with their song 'Start A Fire'. This year, they are back with another great pop track 'Miracle' and they're in the competition to win it. Find out how the pair got on during their first rehearsal on stage today:

Ovi starts the Romanian performance off from the central stage, while a hologram from Paula is shown.

Paula is walking towards him from one of the catwalks when her part of the verse begins. Then they are joined on the stage together.

Their backdrop is one of golden leaves at first.

Paula takes over for the second verse and Ovi goes to play a round piano, which is somewhere mid way his body.

I'm not really sure about the Romanian performance. It's all a bit messy at the moment. Vocally Paula and Ovi compliment each other, and the chemistry is there but there's elements such as the piano and Paula doing some very weird hand movements, which don't really make sense to me.

The background for the bridge is beautiful however, once the colour comes in.

Still a lot of work for Romania to get their act right in my opinion.