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How did Poland's first rehearsal go?

Donatan and Cleo scored a monsterhit with 'My Slowianie' last last year in Poland. Now they're about to do it all over in Europe with their Eurovision edit of the song. Enjoy the overview of their live rehearsal.

BANG! The return of Poland certainly won't go unnoticed.

Cleo is flanked with three backing vocals in traditional Polish costumes. The backdrop as well is very Polish. A lot of red, Polish patterns, flowers, overall in black, red and white. The backdrop shows footage of the video clip too.

There's also two other Polish girls joining Cleo on stage, both on each side of the catwalk, and those are without a doubt going to make many men very happy next Thursday. (we're not gonna spoil the suprise completely but think milk and doing the laundry for those having seen the video).

Cleo is super confident on stage and she shows it too. Great vocals.

As I said the Polish act won't go unnoticed. It's tongue in cheek and a little bit naughty. But isn't that what we love about Eurovision? The press center went completely bonkers over its performance.

A successful first rehearsal for Poland, I'd say.